Automotive electronic services throughout the uk in person or by post


We provide professional digital mileage correction services for cars, motorcycles & light commercial vehicles up to 2017. Using industry leading software and dealer-level diagnostics, we provide an unrivaled service.


Choose from Performance, Economy or a Hybrid/Blend map, we provide a fully guaranteed mobile ECU remapping service with a 28 day money back guarantee if you are not happy with the results.


If you are having constant problems with a DPF filter and you cannot afford the price of a new unit, we completely remove the filter and reprogram your car to remove all DPF functions. Your car will never have a DPF problem again!


If you have an EGR  fault causing you constant problems, we can permanently blank the valve and remap your vehicle so the EGR control software is disabled forever. No more EGR problems!.

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If you have an EML light permanently on but your vehicle has no actual engine or driving fault, then we can permanently delete the trouble fault codes or your ECU and the engine management light be back to normal operation.

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Is your vehicle limited to 70 MPH or even less?. We can remove speed limiters on your vehicle to unlock their potential. We are also able to enable speed limiters as wel if you wish to keep your drivers under control

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